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THE 6-12 


  • Montessori: Child Psychology, Educational Psychology (psychology of learning and teaching),  Methodology, Moral Formation, Social and Practical Life Activities  

  • Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography,  Biology, History: all developed in relation to one another and within the context of a cosmic vision.


  • Development of Language

  • Development of the “Mathematical Mind”: Arithmetic – Geometry – Algebra.

  • Music and Art Education (if and when possible).


Lectures are either given directly in English or in Italian with translation into English. Meetings are held in English only.


The calendar for the whole academic year is handed out at the beginning of the course.

  • Lectures are held at the Centre Monday through Friday, in the afternoon and on some mornings. 

  • The other mornings are reserved for supervised practice and seminars/meetings. 

  • Observations in A.M.I. classrooms will occur periodically throughout the year.

  • The Centre is open to students from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and from 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. (Monday to Friday). 

  • Examinations may be scheduled on Saturdays/Sundays.

Text Books

Required Reading by Dr. Maria Montessori:

  • The Advanced Montessori Method, Vol. 1 (Spontaneous Activity in Education)
    and Vol. 2 (The Montessori Elementary Material)

  • To Educate the Human Potential

  • From Childhood to Adolescence

  • Education and Peace

  • The Child, Society and the World (unpublished speeches and writings)

  • The Absorbent Mind

  • The Formation of Man

  • Psychogeometry

  • Psychoarithmetic

  • The 1946 London Lectures
    * Human Tendencies and Montessori Education by Mario M. Montessori Sr.

    (pamphlet in the English language only and available in Bergamo).


Strongly Recommended Reading by Dr. Maria Montessori:

  • What You Should Know about Your Child

  • The Secret of Childhood

  • The Discovery of the Child

  • The Child in the Family

  • Education for a New World

  • Creative Development in the Child (2 volumes)

  • For historical reference: The 1913 Rome Lectures

* Education for Human Development: Understanding Montessori by Mario Montessori Jr.


There is no deadline as such for application, but there is a limit to the number of student places. Applications received after May 1st will incur a late fee. 

Diploma students: College graduates, qualified elementary school teachers, and students with a diploma from an A.M.I. Children's House course, have priority of admission.

In order to apply, a student must reach the age of 18 years by the first day of the course. 

(It must be emphasized that students from all countries other than those of the European Union need a student visa and should apply for this to the Italian Consulate for their area of residence, on the basis of the official letter of acceptance from the Centre).


Auditors: Any persons wishing to acquaint themselves with Dr. Montessori's work may be admitted as auditors. The same non-returnable documents are required. Auditors are subject to payment of all fees. A certificate of attendance (specifying the percentage of attendance for a) Lectures; b) Observation in Montessori Classes; c) Seminars/Meetings; and d) Practice with the Montessori material) will be issued at the end of the Course.

This certificate, however, does not entitle the holder to conduct classes with the Montessori Method. 

The Course Director reserves the right of admission in both the previous cases. 

A.M.I. Requirements
for Diploma

  • A minimum of 90% attendance for each of the following: lectures; seminars/meetings (consisting mainly of presentation sessions and meetings for the reading and discussion of Montessori’s written works); and supervised practice sessions with the Montessori materials. 

  • A minimum of 90 hours attendance for observation in Montessori classes.

  • Satisfactory written reports of observations and satisfactory compilation of albums illustrating Montessori methodology, written in English. The albums constitute the student’s basic teaching manual.

  • Satisfactory preparation of specified materials (charts, time lines, etc.)

  • Successful completion of the written and oral examinations in June, in order to show comprehension of Montessori psychology and the related theory of education, and comprehension of how to help the child in his exploration of the cultural environment through the methodology. 


Please note: All A.M.I. diplomas state only that the holder “has studied the principles and practice of the Montessori method for children” - of the ages specified on the diploma, and has “passed the written and oral examinations”. Thus, by itself, the diploma “does not automatically qualify the holder to teach”, and “the country in which the holder wishes to work may have other teaching requirements which must be fulfilled".


All application documents should be submitted together, in a single packet. 

Please forward the following documents along with required essay answer and reference letters: 

  1.  Birth certificate 

  2.  Official transcripts or records from the applicant's high school, college, and graduate school (with a notarized translation into English, if requested). 

  3. Official copies of high school and university diplomas. 

  4. Photocopy of diplomas or certificates obtained from previous Montessori courses. 

These documents are not returnable.

  • Application form and documents/records must be sent by mail. 

  • Students must inform the Centre of their full postal address (not just their e-mail address) so that the Centre can send the relevant papers by mail. 

  • The application form must be completed by the prospective student personally and must state clearly: 

    • The academic year for which the student is applying. (If the academic year is not indicated in the application form, the Centre will assume it is the soonest one possible.) 

    • The status chosen for the course, either “Candidate for Diploma” or “Auditor”

  • The application form must bear the personal signature of the prospective student.


Course Fees

  • Application fee (to be paid on applying): 400 EURO (late application or late payment of the application fee, that is, dated from April 1st on, will require an additional 50 EURO fee). This fee (minus the bank charges) is refundable if the student is not accepted for the course; it is not refundable if the student is accepted.

  • Tuition fee (to be paid by Sept. 1st 2022): 10,000 EURO

    • This fee may not be paid in instalments. 

    • It is understood that enrolment is for the full academic year, without any reduction or reimbursement for students who, for whatever reason, withdraw from the course. 

  • Exam fee (to be paid by September 1st 2022): 400 EURO.

  • A.M.I. Membership fee (to be paid by Sept. 30th 2022): 30 EURO 

    •  The students will pay collective membership fees all together, directly to A.M.I. Head Office, during the first month of the course. This fee is not to be included in the payments made to the Centre. 

  • Payments must be made in EURO only and in the form of bank transfers or international checks issued by a bank. Payment for the fees must be made out only to the: 
    Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani, Via Clara Maffei, 16; 24121 Bergamo, Italy.


Transaction costs involved in checks/transfers must be reimbursed by the students once they are in Bergamo.

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